Partner Betrayal

“Doublethink . . . is when a partner must hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time and accept the truth of them both, such as ‘he loves me, and he has destroyed me.”

– Adapted from Robert T. Muller

The shock of discovering that a spouse has “cheated” can be one of the most devastating experiences in one’s life. Discovering the betrayal may have totally taken you off guard or perhaps you suspected something but hoped it wasn’t true. Though it can feel as if it is the end of the relationship, you can regain a sense of safety and stability. Together, we will safely explore the disbelief, broken trust, heartbreak, and disgust of betrayal. You can become self-regulated and focused so that you can make a loving and long-term decision for yourself about whether to remain in the relationship and how to move forward.

If your spouse has pornography or sexual addiction, discovering his/her secretive behavior often leads to depression, rage, confusion, loneliness, poor self-image, overeating or substance abuse, overspending, sexual withdrawal and even infidelity. Many experience symptoms of PTSD.

I work with hurting partner to help heal emotional pain and trauma. I can help you move from chaos and confusion, to getting your life back on track. To reclaim your identity, reinvigorate intentional living, dignity, your values, and purpose.

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