Couples Therapy

I specialize in working with couples who have experienced significant marital disruption, due to addiction, multiple affairs, broken trust, financial betrayal, etc. This may also be your second or third time around. You may be feeling lost, hopeless, and out of options.

We will look at unhealthy patterns, beliefs, and dilemmas that you replay. We will pursue healing from past hurts, take responsibility, rebuild trust, express remorse, and find the ability to forgive and move forward.

You can learn to see, hear, and find each other again, which is vital to have the marriage that you desire. I can walk with you and provide tools to learn a new way to connect again. You can learn to establish new ways of being together, to restore trust, love deeply, and have sexual connection.

If you are a couple in recovery from addiction or betrayal, I will guide you through the disclosure process and learn how to regain trust and move into a stable, loving relationship. Following the three step formal disclosure process, there will be increased focus on finding respectful ways to communicate and finding successful coping mechanisms, if needed, for the daily stressors of life while maintaining an intimate relationship.

If necessary, I will hold hope for you until you are able to have it for yourself and your marriage.

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