Sex Therapy

It can be embarrassing, painful and debilitating to have intimacy or sexual problems. It may be due to physical problems, conflict, aging, sexual abuse, strict upbringing, assault or for an unknown reason.  You or someone you love may live with out of control pornography or sexual behavior or addiction.  You may have difficulty forming a long-term intimate relationship with someone and have not understood why.  You may be looking for solutions and believe no one will understand or you may believe your situation is hopeless.  You are looking for healthy intimacy and sexuality in your relationship and may not be sure why this is so difficult.

As a sex therapist as well as a sex addiction therapist, I understand the intricacies of intimacy and sexuality.  I have experience in addressing and assisting in overcoming these delicate and essential components of your life.  I am also a trauma specialist, so when sexual or intimacy issues are connected to trauma, I can assist in providing resolution.

You need and deserve to be heard, understood, valued, and assisted to know your options and to find healing and growth.  I will work cooperatively with you and your doctors (if appropriate) to come up with reasonable solutions to help you more through this difficult time.

If necessary, I will hold hope for you until you are able to have it for yourself and your marriage.

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