Mission Statement

Providing hope, direction, and tools for individuals and couples desiring healthy intimate relationship, with self and others 

Message from me

It has taken tremendous courage and determination for you to land on my website.  If you are wondering if you should take the next step, then likely you do.  

If you reach out to me, I will return your call and chat briefly on the phone to see if setting an appointment with me will be a good fit.  I want you to get an initial sense if I am someone who understands you, as well as I want to know if I can provide the expertise that you desire.  Choosing an experienced and perceptive therapist is an important step in your healing.  It is important that you feel heard and validated.  I am an interactive therapist, listening as well as providing feedback, support, guidance, and recommendations.  Call or email me when you are looking to move through your challenges to have clarity, strength, and growth.

I admire your courage to reach out to create a different life for yourself.

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”
Carl Jung