Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mediation a better way to divorce?

Couples prepare their own agreement, make arrangements for themselves and their children rather than negotiating divorce matters through their lawyers.  The couple then remains in control of what they believe is their and their children’s best interests.  Many couples like that they can be creative and come to some agreements that are “outside the box.”

How long does mediation take?

The time varies because of the level of complexity and other factors.  Nevertheless, it almost always takes less time than litigating a divorce.

Can I start mediation if I am already in an adversarial divorce?

Couples can choose mediation at almost any stage before the divorce is finalized.  Often this is a better method when there is high stress, solutions are not being reached, or resources are being exhausted while vital decisions are not being determined.

Is Mediation Confidential?

Yes.  Both individuals sign an agreement to not discuss the proceedings with others until decisions are finalized.  Couples are encouraged to discuss the process with their respective attorney’s and do not sign documents until they are reviewed and approved with their attorney.

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